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    Photos from the performance BLACKNESS - sequence II.

    Phot. Natalia Miedziak

    Sound: Krzysztof Pajka

    Costume - oluhi


    "KLAMRA" Festival, Torun, Poland 2018.

  • DESERT ROSE - performance

    Sweetness and temptation... Perfrormance Desert Rose in the fresh video spot by Tomasz Biernicki.

  • Hidden by the leaves - butoh dance performance

    On the 7th of December 2013 a unique performance was premiéred. Hidden by the leaves - piece with senior women between 65-83 choreographed by TO-EN. Performance was a result of workshops in the contemporary Japanese dance - butoh.

  • HIKARIMUJI - installation by Fredrik Wretman & TO-EN

    Installation & butoh dance performance by Swedish artist Fredrik Wretman and Polish butoh dancer TO-EN.

  • EMBERS - trailer


    Premiéred at Wybrzeze Theatre in 2011, Gdansk, Poland.

  • MELANGE - excerpts

    Project of the butoh dancer TO-EN and photographer Pawel Maciak.