BLACKNESS - sequence I

dance structure




Phot. TO-EN, ©TO-EN Butoh Company 2016





Blackness - the darkest colour


A place so dark, that no shadow can exist.

Absorption of light.

This blackness is black wind and black hair.

This blackness is black maps with stains of black gold.

It is black forest of Aokigahara, overgrowing the solidified lava.  




Blackness sucks like a black hole.

Annihilates but widens and expands.

Attracts, absorbs,  pushes.





Phot. Andrzej Grzelak, ©TO-EN Butoh Company 2016





Concept and performance


Krzysztof Pajka


Pani Ella



The BLACKNESS project is implemented in the form of sequences or scenes. Each sequence is a setting of landscapes based on ecological, natural or human disaster, which create a poetic structure within simple and suggestive images.

Oil - rich deposites, bird's suffering, desire to die, madness - all like a dark passion. Simple images made of black clay, sand and oil.

These sequences, apparently separate, will lead to the final scene - a performance.



29.01.2016, 7 p.m. Manhattan Gallery (Lodz, Poland) - Blackness - sequence I

9.12.2016, 7 p.m. 2 Windows Theatre / Shakespeare Theatre (Gdansk, Poland), Blackness - sequence II




Phot. Andrzej Grzelak, ©TO-EN Butoh Company 2016






Krzysztof Pajka

musician, sound artist, man of many talents; participant of the musical campaign "Pepsi Faza" – winner for the Best Musical Composition. His work has been presented in the Polish Radio – Radiostacja, Machina magazine and TV VIVA Poland. Pajka has actively work within "Sopocka Scena Off de BICZ" (Sopot, Poland) as an author and life music performer for stage performances. He has participated in the project "POLIFONIA" (book, music and film) as well as in many happening concerts and musical activities as a member of a band called "Plac zabaw- Czemuś". Since 2010 Pajka continuously collaborates with TO-EN Butoh Company.





Phot. Andrzej Grzelak, ©TO-EN Butoh Company 2016





Phot. Andrzej Grzelak, ©TO-EN Butoh Company 2016





Phot. Andrzej Grzelak, ©TO-EN Butoh Company 2016





The project was supported by the Pomorskie Voivodeship.