TO-EN is a butoh dancer. Between 2005-2009 she was a disciple of SU-EN, butoh artist, choreographer and artistic director of the SU-EN Butoh Company in Sweden ( At that time TO-EN has participated in many performances, projects and festivals, presented on the main Swedish stages. 2009 TO-EN has completed her examination solo project from SU-EN Butoh Company with the work White – bialy in Stockholm. This solo was a starting point for TO-EN Butoh Company. Currently in Poland, TO-EN works in the field of stage performances, multidisciplinary and site-specific projects, improvisations, lectures.


TO-EN develops butoh dance based on the SU-EN Method. SU-EN Butoh Method embodies the teachings of Yoko Ashikawa and the Hijikata Method in Japan 1988-1994, which later developed into the Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo Method.

About Butoh

Butoh is a contemporary dance form originated from Japan in the late 1950s. Breaking the principles of Japanese aesthetics, butoh dancers created new modes of expression. In dance, poetry and grotesque, predacity and sensuality, merged together. With time new generations of butoh dancers appeared also in Europe and butoh started to evolve.