WHITE - bialy

Solo project and examination ceremony by SU-EN for Anna Bralkowska / TO-EN Butoh Company


Phot. Gunnar Stening, © TO-EN Butoh Company, 2009


White - the whitening colour of innocence. Reflections of simplicity, the absence of colour. White – noise sound condensing the space, bodily limbs made by insanity. White lies, whites of the eyes and white sea reflecting the waves of infinity. Deformed nothing and everything.


Butoh choreography and artistic setting for TO-EN




Anna Bralkowska / TO-EN (Poland / Sweden)



Tomasz "Szwelas" Szwelnik (Poland)


Light design / stage object

Chrisander Brun (Norway)


Mon no Kai / TO-EN Butoh Company


Photo and layout for poster
Gunnar Stening/Stening Studio (Sweden)


ca. 40 min


This solo butoh project is Anna Bralkowska’s final examination after completing the studies as an apprentice with SU-EN and SU-EN Butoh Company. The dancer receives the name TO-EN (Earth-Garden) and in this way the lineage is established. The lineage from SU-EN’s body and work is a link from the work and body of Yoko Ashikawa and the Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo group.


TO-EN is forever grateful to SU-EN and SU-EN Butoh Company.



Phot. Chrisander Brun, © TO-EN Butoh Company, 2009


Premièred in 2009 at SCEN STUDIO FYRA, Stockholm.

The examination ceremony was led by SU-EN and writer Gilles Kennedy.


Phot. Lina Palmgren, © TO-EN Butoh Company, 2009


Invited artists:

Chrisander Brun

Bachelor of Fine Arts at Dramatiska Institutet (University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre / Sound design, Stockholm) with a major in lighting design for theatre and performing art, June 2010. Currently working as a light designer, set designer, photographer. Brun has worked for the National Theatre in Norway and for newspapers. Major works: Castracsjon-Bendik Riis by Andrew Bolye, Urena Tankar by Dorte Olesen, Movers and Shakers by Her Stay, Alla älskar Bernie Madoff by Gustav Tegby, Monkey-Mind by Franz Cedrins, The Beginning of the New End by Tatu Hämäläinen, Röde Rubin by Morten Borgersen, Notes from underground by Christian Rinmad and many more.


Tomasz "Szwelas" Szwelnik

Born in 1972 r. in Warsaw. Graduated from Department of Sound Engineering , Technical University in Gdansk. Szwelas is focused on discovering sound in the process of improvisation, experiment, modulation, articulation, instrument preparation. In his own studio he is experimenting, composing and producing music for new creative projects. He plays on prepared piano and Hawaii guitar, keyboards and electronics. He has successfully recorded many soundtracks for film, animation, radio, TV, theatre purposes. He played many concerts in Poland and  took part on international festivals.






Solo project and examination ceremony by SU-EN
for Anna Bralkowska / TO-EN Butoh Company