water fills the body
the body no longer a container for thoughts
meandring slowly like lava
flooding and blasting the borders

close to water - it becomes the space



Phot. & layout Fredrik Wretman, 2013



Fredrik Wretman is one of Sweden's most important artists since the middle of the 1980’s. He is widely recognized by his water installations that range from intimate water constructions to a large scale water pieces with mirror-like surfaces. Mirroring and shimmering water surfaces, fill the museums, galleries, halls, corridors, factories. Often strengthened with pictures and projections of reflecting light, they break physical borders of the room and change it into a blurred structure.

This time, Wretman's immense water installation is diversified with the body action of butoh dancer TO-EN. Dancer becomes a part of the installation and performs inside the mirrored space. Water with its beauty, tempting and dangerous, provides a spring for TO-EN's dance. Suggestive and silent performance merges with Wretman's water space.




Installation Dance
Fredrik Wretman TO-EN




Thanks to Krzysztof Pajka.












Fredrik Wretman

Fredrik Wretman works with installations, objects and sculptures. Projections, reflexions and mirror-images are his tools as well as his media. The installations are often large, meditative rooms filled with a reflective surface made of water that combine a sense of myth and the awareness of the present...

Grzegorz Matląg (Maldoror)

Fashion designer, creator of "Maldoror" brand. He has designed costumes for dance performances, video clips and concert tours. He is famous for using unusual textiles in his collections as well as recycling.





Phot. 1-3 Martin Gustavsson, 2013